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Where can the moonwalk be set up?

The moonwalk/bounce unit can be set up on any level area whether its grass, cement or asphalt. The area should be clear of all obstacles including sticks, stones, sharp objects, sprinklers, etc.. We place a tarp under each unit for added protection. The unit is also staked down or sand bagged down.

How much room do I need?

An area that is 20 X 20 feet should be plenty. No overhead power lines or trees should be present because they may interfere with the unit. They should be located away from pools or waterfronts. Each site will be fully inspected before delivery is completed. If unsure of your location, please call to set up a free inspection.

Can I pick the unit up?

Sorry, for the safety of the participants and to insure a quality functional unit our staff is required to deliver and set up each unit.

What kind of power do we need?

The unit requires a 110V outlet, preferable separate from other items requiring electricity. the outlet must be located within 100 feet of the unit. A generator is available for rental if needed.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery fees may vary for all rentals items within our service area.

Where do you deliver to?

We cover all of Oakland, most of Wayne and Macomb counties in Michigan Call for a specific location.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to your event under the terms and conditions below.

1. If cancellation is due to weather, you will receive a credit for the full amount. This credit is valid for 24 months from the date of cancellation.

2. If cancellation is due to personal reasons, you will receive a credit for the full amount. This credit is valid for 12 months from the date of cancellation.

3. Any cancellations that are not within 24 hours of your event will be at the discretion of management.

How do I reserve equipment?

Simply call one of our representatives and we will gladly schedule your event. Full payment is required and is not refundable.

How far in advance should I reserve the equipment?

We are always taking reservations for equipment. The sooner you call the better. Most equipment during the summer season gets booked about 4 weeks in advance, if not more.

Are moonwalks/bounces safe?

Yes! Our units are constructed of industry standard vinyl’s, fire retardant, and include an inflated safety ramp/step. There should be no problems as long as you adhere to the safety and operating instructions. Each unit is equipped with blowback valves on our blowers, and have emergency exits.

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, Rent A Bounce is a full insured Michigan LLC. A copy of the policy will be provided upon request at time of delivery. Municipalities, schools, churches, etc.. may contact us in advance for arrangements. For events on public property such as parks, etc., additional insurance may be required and will add $100 to the total rental cost.

What are my responsibilities?

You MUST adhere to the safety and operating guidelines. A responsible adult must be present at all times the unit is in use. This person must know the safety and operating procedures and must enforce them at all times. You are responsible for keeping the unit clean and safe from damage.

Can you provide an attendant?

Yes! For an additional hourly fee we can provide you with an attendant.

Is there a cleaning charge?

No! As long as it is general cleaning, we will do it. If excessive cleaning is needed, a cleaning charge of $50 to $200 will be required. Fun food machines will need to be thoroughly cleaned upon return or will be charged a cleaning fee of $35.

Who picks up the equipment when we are done?

Rent A Bounce staff will take down and pick up the equipment after your event.

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